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  • We're Hiring!

    The City of Canton is now accepting application for a Full-Time Public Works Maintenance Position. Find job details and application under Your Government > Employment Opportunities. Position open until February 23. The City of Canton is an equal opportunity employer. 23 January 2023
  • 2023 Fee Schedule

    At the 1/17/2023 City Commission meeting the 2023 Fee Schedule was approved and is effective 1/18/2023. Please note that the updated disconnect fee of $75.00 will be effective this month and will be charged to any account that has water turned off for non-payment. The updated Late Fee of $20.00 will be effective on February's bill due February 15th. See the updated fee schedule at the link below. https://cantonsd.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/fees-2023-2.pdf 20 January 2023
  • Rubble Site Rules, Regulations & Fees Update

    As of Tuesday, October 4th new rules, regulations and fees are in effect at the Rubble Site. Carpet, linoleum and tires will no longer be accepted. Additional information can be found in the attachment. Rubble_Site_Rules__Regulations___Rates.pdf 04 October 2022