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  • 2020 City-Wide Clean Up

    CITY-WIDE CLEAN UP UPDATE (6/2/2020): We rely on the Sioux Falls Landfill allowing us to take clean up items to them free of charge. At this time, they are not allowing any cities to bring clean up items to the landfill. They will be re-visiting this again on July 1st. The City Commission has postponed City-Wide Clean Up until July 13th. As long as the Sioux Falls Landfill is allowing us to take items free of charge we will continue with that date. If they do not, clean up will be re-evaluated at the meeting on Monday, July 6th. Clean up items should NOT be placed on the curb any sooner than Wednesday, July 8th. Please contact City Hall with any questions. We appreciate your understanding as we try to work through these obstacles. 02 June 2020
  • Fireworks Permit 2020

    A firework permit is required for 2020. Fireworks are allowed on Thursday, July 2, Friday, July 3rd & Sunday, July 5th until 11:00 PM and on Saturday, July 4th until Midnight. Permits should be returned to City Hall before 5:00 on Thursday, July 2. 2020_Fireworks_Permit.pdf 02 June 2020
  • 2019 Drinking Water Report

    The 2020 Drinking Water Report is now available at https://denr.sd.gov/des/dw/PDF/DWQPDFs/0082ccr.pdf 27 May 2020
  • Emerald Ash Borer Confirmed Near Canton

    Visit the website below for more information regarding Emerald Ash Borer in South Dakota and a link to Thursday (May 7th) webinar. https://emeraldashborerinsouthdakota.sd.gov/ 5.4.2020EABinCantionNewsRelease.pdf 04 May 2020
  • Call-In Information

    Join the City Commission meetings by teleconference - Dial-in number: (425)436-6346 Access Code: 805474 06 April 2020
  • Spring Soccer 2020

    At the March 23rd Recreation Board meeting the 2020 Spring Soccer league was discussed. It was decided to postpone the league until later this summer or early fall. Because of all of the uncertainty at this time, we do not have dates decided. We are aware the the delay may interfere with baseball and flag football, but we will do what we can to avoid interfering with the games, though some overlapping in practice times may be inevitable. We will keep you updated as things progress. If you would like a refund to be issued, please contact City Hall and we will get a check mailed out. There will not be another registration period once dates are decided, but refunds can be issued at any time. 24 March 2020
  • 2020 Punch Cards

    Stop in to City Hall and pick up your 2020 Rubble Site punch card! 02 January 2020